Treasure Island Caravan Park

· Wednesday December 18, 2013

So you want to spend a night riverside, within walking distance to Moorilla Winery, MONA and all of its artisitic genius but you don’t want to spend a thousand bucks. Better get real, right?

While Treasure Island Caravan Park may provide modest accommodation, your stay here can still be grand. It offers a choice of self-contained cabins, caravans (with shared facilities) and campsites by the park or river, and various sleeping options within. Caravan parks can have a bit of a stigma about them (and sometimes a smell) but just remember that this place isn't trailer park trash, it’s treasure. All of the amenities are simple but sufficient.

In fact, the place is so welcoming an abundance of wildlife including ducks and rabbits have taken up residence too. Alright, alright, now I know what you Youth Allowance kids are thinking. Sure you can grab an early Tiger flight and visit MONA for free, but maybe catching a rabbit or duck for dinner is taking things too far.