South Arm

· Friday July 4, 2014

South Arm is on the outskirts of Hobart, what locals say is a 35-minute drive (depending on the traffic), but you won’t be speeding through this kind of scenery. After that final push through the suburbs you’re breathing in the salty air of the far reaches of the Derwent.

For anyone obsessed with 'locally sourced produce', you'll be happy to know that at South Arm you can skip the supermarket altogether and pull a meal right outta the ocean (we scored crab, abalone and crayfish). It doesn't get much more free range than that. Don't forget that you'll need a licence to bring home your dinner. Most importantly take only what you need!

If you're more of a pacifist than a plunderer or don't fancy getting your feet wet (who would when it's this freezing), there are lots of other ways to enjoy the surrounds. Release your inner Man Vs Wild and explore the coves, stroll the beaches, or get romancin' in the dunes.