The Juice Well

· Thursday September 18, 2014

The Juice Well in Soho is described as a 'premium juice bar concept'. I'd always thought 'premium juice bar' would do. Anyway, they're all the rage and have blossomed in London over the course of this summer. 'Wellness', (to borrow a little nomenclature from Venice Beach) it seems, has arrived as a counter-punch to the citywide proliferation of gourmet junk food.

Big-hitters from the States have created The Juice Well: it's a collaboration between restaurateur Will Ricker and Mr. Juice himself, Joe Cross.

The store itself is stark, save for a big poster with attractive, colourful iconography indicating the various nutritional categories into which their products fall. There is also literature dotted about encouraging different cleanses and it's hard not to be seduced by what feels like an authentic attempt to offer drinks that will have a genuinely positive impact on one's wellbeing.

In the three big industrial fridges the ready-made juices stand like ordered soldiers - and include vibrant green spinach-heavy detoxes, anti-inflammatory 'reds' and energising 'purples'. There are others too, as well as various nut 'milks' and reverse-osmosis water.

It's not hard to imagine becoming reliant on this 'self-help in a bottle'.