Screen on the Green

· Thursday May 8, 2014

Screen on the Green is part of the Everyman cinema group. The concept is a winning one – the franchise means that the cinemas aren't struggling to stay afloat (like many long since closed independents) and can afford to show left-field film choices alongside its mainstream pictures. The general amenities are akin to a larger theatre so there is no shivering into your popcorn whilst watching art house behemoth Charlotte Gainsbourg do her thing or having to tear yourself away to use next door's pub loo.

Screen of the Green is kitted out with red velvet sofas into which you can sink whilst slurping on a cocktail or a glass of wine from the cinema-side bar. The food menu is pretty good too so you can cosy in for the evening, well fed and watered.

It's worth keeping an eye on the Screen of the Green's cinema-related events: Steve McQueen and Paddy Considine have put in appearances to talk about Shame and Tyrannosaur, respectively. Hayao Miyazaki's Oscar-nominated, The Wind Rises opens there tomorrow night so I consider my Friday night sorted.