Maxine Beneba Clarke, 'Foreign Soil'

Maxine Beneba Clarke is an Australian poet, essayist and author from an Afro-Carribean background. With Foreign Soil she's produced a debut of collection...

Lou Hubbard, 'Dead Still Standing'

Lou Hubbard is an expert at giving readymade objects a new purpose. For Melbourne Now in 2013 she took eyeballs that she'd discovered in a Barcelona Happ...

Twerps, 'Range Anxiety'

The other week I declared that indie rock was dead. I was, of course, talking shit. As long as the image of the lovesick articulate outsider remains appealin...

Pizza Hut's new Vegemite stuffed crust pizza

Pizza Hut introduced their 'stuffed crust pizza' in the mid nineties and for a solid decade they kept their stuffed crusts simple, lining the edge of...

The Theory of Everything

There's a time and a place for an against-all-odds biopic, and the life of a famous physicist/cultural icon is – against all odds – a good place to start...

Chips On Chips

If you don’t like chips, DO NOT read on. This article has nothing in it that is not chip related. It’s about chips on chips: the highbrow activity of putting...

A YouTube playlist by SilentJay

DJ/producer/musician SilentJay is about to support Flying Lotus (for the second time) as he tours his reworked stage show Layer 3. In the interest of full ...

District Brewer

I grew up near Bentleigh. It's one of those vast suburban expanses where there's a rusty trampoline on every third front lawn; not traditionally the ...

A YouTube mixtape by Marlon Williams

New Zealand-born songbird Marlon Williams is garnering a reputation for leaving audiences in a bit of a stupor, thanks to his uniquely sombre and nostalgic s...

Sugar Mountain 2015 Tops and Bottoms

TOPS Kirin J Callinan (Terrible Love) FTW. A set punctured with guest appearances via Skype. Guests included Jack Ladder, Dev Hynes - who performed 'Bla...

Sugar Mountain 2015

You climbed to the sugary summit and Heather was there to document your smiling faces.

Daydreams Opening Party

Matt Neumann was there to document all you beautiful daydreamers for the opening party.

The Blackmail Offline issue #3

The Blackmail have been pairing cultural luminaries since their inception in 2009, first as a monthly online magazine and graduating to a paperback released ...

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