A Guy Called Gerald, NYE at New Guernica

You want to give architects a big boner? Invite Zaha Hadid or Bjarke Ingels to your party. Want mathematicians to lose their minds? Get Alexandre Grothendieck on the line. Want anybody who has even the faintest interest in the history of dance music to squeal like a schoolgirl? A Guy Called Gerald is going to be close to the top of the list of people to call. Acid house instigator, jungle pioneer, ex-member of 808 State. Producer of Voodoo Ray, the record that in 1988 catalysed the UK house scene. A dance music philosophiser who is outspoken to near a fault (from his blog: “It's clear to me now that the music I'm making is about 359% away from the music that's being produced in 2010 and calling itself techno or dance music.”) He will be playing an old-school acid house set. Which is about as close to the horse's mouth you are going to get without feeding it a couple of green Mitsubishis and riding it straight to Manchester. Support by North Pollard, Thomas Touche, Post Percy, Chestwig, Shinners and Lopan.