Beci Orpin, 'Find and Keep' book launch

Beci Orpin's collection of DIY projects Find and Keep is the 3 Feet High and Rising of craft books. Not just because the book and the record cover (designed by the Grey Organisation) are colourful. They both facilitate realising that you have been mistaking the affect for the essence. Not seeing the forest for the pins, so to speak. So instead interesting new ways to put flowers on every goddamn thing (or hearing Ice Cube tell you where he is straight outta) you've got striking, graphic projects that won't make your apartment look like a bird made out of sequins and cupcakes exploded inside. But, just as you know Guru's, you know Beci's steez by now. The launch is will be attended by the newly minted Taco Truck Dos. There'll be Cake Wines and Sailor Jerry Rum. You'll be able to buy the book as well as a limited-edition tote containing all kinds of special things.