Ben Pell, 'Radlands' opening at BRUCE

If you’re a fan of the laid-back ‘sandal-gaze’ of Pageants (and you should be) then you’re probably unknowingly familiar with lyricist/artist Ben Pell’s album art. It manages to visually express the gutter-sitting-star-gazing vibe of his lyrics better than anyone else could. And like all great album art, it’s still cool to look at when the album’s finished playing. (Just as sort of related side note: the man might be a lyrical genius but David Berman from the Silver Jews can’t draw for shit.)

Ben’s got his first solo exhibition, Radlands, coming up at BRUCE gallery. Using “no more than three separate pieces of paper cut out from old books and magazines,” each collage explores the unending universe both inside and outside of the human brain. It is the Twilight Zone crossed with Kubrick's hybrids of imagination and science crossed with scissors and a gluestick. You can stare at them and make up your own lyrics.