Crop pop-up shop opening night at Lightly showroom

Lightly make all kinds of things that you can put in your home. Tasteful, attractive things. Things that will fill your mind with beauty when you look at them, keeping the bad thoughts away. Making sure you don't kill again. Maybe. Lightly are not the only organisation with such power. There's a whole bunch of them, in fact. And in an act of selfless munificence unknown to the world since the time I let a cat watch me bathe, Lightly are opening their showroom to some of their homeward colleagues. A three-day pop-up. Just in time for, as they say, Chromebus. People such as Anna Davern, Dani M, Page Thirty Three, Phoebe Porter, Relax Socks and many more.

Wine by Jamsheed, coffee by Black Coffee so you can strike the right balance between recklessness and stimulation. After the launch night, Crop will be around Fri Nov 30, 10am-7pm; Sat Dec 1, 10am-6pm and Sun Dec 2, 10am-5pm.