Crossword Club December meet

As I am writing this, it is the one-hundred-and-third anniversary of the crossword puzzle. On Friday, the anniversary will have passed, but passion for filling in white squares will still burn bright at The Good Copy. They don't do the objectively best crossword (the New York Times) but they do try to wrestle down the most intemperate: cryptics. Snarling beasts, they are. Kind of wordplay, it were a person, you'd punch in the mouth for being so smugsy cute. But, of course, you'd hug them afterwards because there's so much joy in unsnarling their riddles. Best thing about the Crossword Club? You don't have to know anything to attend. I mean, literacy and knowing how to hold a pencil helps, but if you can, they're a welcoming bunch with a educational spirit for newcomers and a competitive one for experts. Free tea, coffee, pencils and crosswords provided.