'Decomposed' featuring Keith Fullerton Whitman

With the information on hand it's difficult to say whether this event was organised predicated on electronic experimentalist Keith Fullerton Whitman or it was a beautiful synchronicity that he was in town. I hope it's the latter because it bodes well for a beautiful lady turning up to make with the adult activities next time I feel amorous. West Space have one of them quadrophonic audio set ups that'll be pressed into service by the aforementioned practitioner and philosopher of the electronic avant garde. There will be other invigorating performances Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Rosalind Hall doing things with a voice and a saxophone that strictly shouldn't be possible but I guess they are because gosh darn it they're doing them right now. Todd Anderson-Kunert will do as Todd Anderson-Kunert does. Weirdly. Matthew Berka, Byron Huang-Dean and Jonathan Nokes will also perform together over four channels.