Disco Beans Monday with Nite Fields, Machine, Zac Keiller and Umbilical Tentacle

All roads lead back to Joy Division. Which means they all lead away from Joy Division as well. So there might be a whiff of Manchester's most miserable in Brisbane's Nite Fields but there are also new horizons and untrammelled acres of guitar, synth and voice to furrow while looking at your shoes (if you get me). Planting seeds from the tree Delayrax Reverbica along the way. They have a new 7", Vacation, and are taking a vacation of sorts. Inasmuch as a tour of Australia is a vacation. Support by the instrumental Kraut urgings of Machine, Zac Keiller using a guitar to score an imaginary interstellar journey and Umbilical Tentacle - whose unrelenting blasts of party noise would seem kind of laughable if they weren't real. But they are, and you're just going to have to find a way to deal with them.