'F de C Reader' #2 book launch at Motto Melbourne

We've heard that Alin Huma - the mysterious founder of thinking person's paperback fashion reader F de C - has moved from Romania to Tokyo to Melbourne. And what's more he's launching the much-anticipated second issue at Motto Melbourne tonight. And what's more Joe has confirmed on the phone that the celebration will involve red wine. As long as you keep it off the tables (we added this part but c'mon the new shop looks so good).

Coming straight at you from the contents page, here's a snapshot of what to expect in issue #2:

2 [ TUNNEL ] While This That/Glam Pictorialism — Robert Cook
24 Test Shots for Study of new European magazine makeup
37 Conversation with Shoichi Aoki Parts 1 & 2
84 STREET magazine No 1 (facsimile) — Shoichi Aoki
119 Letter To A Young Poet (with a camera)
128 Conversation with Shoichi Aoki Part 3
146 Test Shots for Miuccia Prada — Anders Edström and Anne-Sofie Back.
170 Ren Hang
184 Conversation with Kawori Inbe
209 In Memoriam: Toyo Ito’s …
253 Fin de Coppenhague — EB/AH
272 Honduras. A novella — Robert Cook ( insert )
226 AE for MM
280 Jack Mauritsz
288 Inner Cutting and the System / Dooling Jiang DIGEST — Erik Bernhardsson
302 Takashi Nishiyama — Yumiko Kikuchi320 In Memoriam: Masahisa Fukase 1934 - 2012