'Filmme Fatales' journal launch party

Brodie Lancaster is a Melbourne-based writer, editor, thinker and legend who for the past twelve months has been pouring her brain into a new project: a quarterly magazine about women and film. Or, as our writer Nathania puts it, about “ladies dreaming up, making, talking about and, most importantly, accomplishing the laborious but ultimately rewarding commitment that is filmmaking.” The first issue launches this Saturday night at 99 Problems and it's also available to pre-order on the Filmme Fatales website.

What will you receive for your $11? Sixty-six lovingly designed pages including writing by Adri Murguia, Jonah D. Ansell, Ariel Katz, Sinead Stubbins, Nathania Gilson, Greta Parry, Gemma Flynn, Bronny Zigmond, Karys McEwen, Sally Tabart, Lauren Vadnjal, Hannah Williamson, Flavia Browne, Hannah Joyner and Brodie herself. Artwork by Valerie Chiang, Kat Phillimore, Anton De Ionno and Emma Do. An interview with Mae Whitman. MAE WHITMAN! And thought-food on topics including Brit Marling, Nicole Holofcener’s Walking and Talking, Lena Dunham, Reality Bites, the women in Iranian cinema, Megan Fox, and how pornography affects women’s sex lives.

Read Brodie's post about 'the making of' issue #1 - or just ask her about it on Saturday. She is a friendly fatale.