Grace Darling Xmas party with Reptiles, Miles Brown, Duck Duck Chop, DJ Shags and Free Drinks

You know, I couldn't find 'Free Drinks' anywhere on the internet. Might be their first gig. Yet, despite this, I have a strange feeling that they will be among most popular things at this party. You'll be able to take them in between seven and eight post meridiem. This is not to say they are without competition. Reptiles taking all the posture out of thrash and turning it into something equal parts sleek and threatening. Something, you guessed it, quite like a reptile. Miles Brown continues to be a welcome omnipresence in this town. This is because we all fear that without darkwave theremin electronica we may all die lonely deaths. More lonely, I should say. Duck Duck Chop continue to give scant regard to how much noise society thinks two men should make. Maybe even science. It should be noted that there's half-price Coopers from 5-7pm and more 'ludicrous' drink specials in the band room.