Hip Hop Hoochies #6, Hoes vs Bros

Oh! What a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to run all-girl hip hop nights monthly at the Laundry. This time the hoochies have enlisted male counterparts to engage in a mystic exchange of spiritual energies. Larrie vs Mat Cant, Gamgirl vs Carlos Turner, Hellez vs Steezy, Fletch vs LA Pocock. This will be no combatative, phallocentric battle. It will be a mutually beneficial exchange through the metaphysical medium of music. You will develop post-gendered 'spirit genitals' that will propel your body through the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension only exists at the energy nexus called the 'dancing floor' or 'planar gyration environment'. Deepak Chopra will do a guest freestyle. Somebody will inevitably barf out one of their grosser chakras. It'll be great. Get there early to avoid the queue.