The Liberty Social 1st Birthday Halloween party

The Liberty Social is spreading its birthday celebrations over a whole week but it's Halloween night that is designated as the official party. Which is apropos because at the stroke of midnight Jaff is going to murder everybody in cold blood. Sounds terrible, I know. Yet. On the other hand: $5 entry. Matthew Brown doing to techno what a contortionist does to their body. Live, no less. Justin Fuller of ZOND also live. Miles Brown of the Night Terrors, you guessed it, live. Eko Eko Azarak, the one-person soundtrack to an arcane occult ritual that even Aleister Crowley would be a little freaked out by. Live. Or perhaps dead would be more appropriate. In summation: Jaff is going to tear out your throat with his teeth but there'll be great music and $5 drinks. See you there, is what I'm saying.