Vice presents The Mangles, Guy & Marcus Blackman Experimentation Project, Barbecue & Goldcoast and Divide & Dissolve

Royce, Myki and Tim consult me on all their major life decisions. So when they told me they were going to form an all-male Bangles cover band I told them it was a damn stupid idea. When they told me it was going to be called 'The Mangles' and they would only play seven songs I took the cigar out of my mouth, slammed my fist on the table in a sudden moment of realisation and told them it was a stupid idea. I may have slapped one of them. I can't remember. They didn't heed my advice and now we've got this stupid party to pretend to like. Guy Blackman of Chapter Music and Marcus Rechsteiner will be “experimenting with the boundaries of good taste”. Barbecue and Goldcoast is Jim BBQ and Jonny Goldcoast, both of the Amazing Phillips Sisters and Electric Smile Band. Divide and Dissolve is the endless loop you get stuck in while looking at a pack of Doritos while stoned at a 7-11. But with better hi-hat work and more Can-ish guitar figures. They are asserting the fact that Yah Yah's isn't normally open on Wednesdays as some kind of attribute. Some mark of distinction. I think it's got to do with not wanting a bunch of degenerates making 'music' during normal operating hours.