'You Stink and I Don’t' Vol 1 and Vol 2 launch

It’s fairly extraordinary to comprehend that underground funnies series You Stink and I Don’t has been doing its disgusting business in the Aussie comics counter-scene for twenty years now. Partly because it’s hard to believe creator Ben ‘Hutcho’ Hutchings has been drawing for that long – he may have honed some sick skills in that time (watch him destroy Geoff ‘Coxy’ Cox in a sketch-off here) but he still looks like a twelve-year-old with a beard. But frankly it’s also because two decades is virtual aeons for a comic of YSAID’s ilk to still exist, especially without becoming any less gut-wobblingly hilarious.

To celebrate this 20th anniversary, the gents at Milk Shadow have anthologised every issue of the comic into two volumes (just shy of a whopping 500 pages altogether) and will be launching them simultaneously at All Star Comics this Saturday. Hutcho will be there to discuss his work and recurring characters – the medically challenged Dr Phwoar, the cock-kicking soccer-baller Steve Of The Strikers, the bewildering cats with human faces and so on – and it culminates in a Q&A session with Melbourne’s premier comics podcasters Non-Canonical. Also, there’s Hutchings’ artwork to be won! Or bought, if you don’t win.