Al Albero

· Wednesday October 20, 2010

In my mind the pizza wars in this town had been won long ago and thin bases reigned supreme (accidental pun). That is until Al Albero came along and done gone changed the game, making me question everything I thought I thought about pizza.

What distinguishes them from other local stalwarts is the thick, fluffy base that somehow manages to avoid making you feel like you've just eaten an entire loaf of bread. There is also a noticeable quality in the ingredients, the sauce is made from scratch, and I even saw a whole pineapple on the front counter. What kind of a lunatic would go to the effort of using fresh pineapple for a Hawaiian pizza?

It's a small operation - from what I can tell there is one guy who does everything, and some other guy who seems to just kind of stand around. There is not a whole lot of space available for dining in, but with summer on its way (finger crossed) you could easily take your fluffy pizza and some beers up to Edinburgh Gardens.