Breakfast Thieves

· Wednesday April 25, 2012

Breakfast Thieves have great bread. You know it's great bread because they display loaves of it behind the counter like trophies. Still, I’m sick of judging a new café’s worth by its bread-based breakfasts. I already know I love bread and everything it does for me. So for my first Breakfast Thieves experience I decided to embrace the miserable weather and order something I usually hate: porridge. From my understanding, porridge is basically just bread that you’ve diluted in water, swished around a little bit then let set into a tasteless goo. Even the word sounds distasteful, ‘poorrrridge’, like you’re trapped in a Dickensian nightmare. But some people swear by it, so I set Breakfast Thieves the challenge of impressing me with porridge. And you know what? They really did. A hot mound of rolled oats, barely, quinoa, vanilla, honey, grated apple, Malaysian palm sugar, strawberry, candied walnut and banana that had me smiling at the pissing rain outside.

Afterwards I wanted to thank them for converting me. Malaysian part-owners / managers / chefs Brendan Chin and Edwin Kho weren’t surprised I liked it but still asked for improvement suggestions. They also told me they plan to serve tapas once they get their liquor license and to try the Botak Chin (a traditional Malaysian pork belly dish) for lunch.