Coconuts by Giang and Sara

· Thursday December 13, 2012

Oh tropical Smith Street, will walking your wistful drag ever cease to feel like an endless holiday? A room-temperature juice from the Turks at Sonsa was previously the ultimate refreshment on a day like this. That is until now. Things on the strip just got a lot more fruitful, ladies and gentlemen. Well, nutful actually. Wielding a razor sharp machete Giang and his daughter Sara are out there today chopping the tops off chilled coconuts in a little stall right outside Pabu Grill and Sake. Or Radio Rentals, for those who are more familiar with that geographic reference point.

Helping to extol the rehydrating and health properties of cocos nucifera is their main reason for setting up shop. Not grubby commerce. Well, maybe a little grubby commerce. Sara couldn't say exactly when she would be hitting the curb with her delicious domes again but she and her dad will try to make an appearance on the particularly hot days ahead.