Cross(x)Species Adventure Club

· Monday November 29, 2010

New York-based conceptual scientist Natalie Jeremijenko is mad as a brush. In the best way possible. Her Environmental Health Clinic involves pet tadpoles, talking birds and rats on a healthy diet of vodka and antidepressants. This TED talk goes some way to illuminating the method to her madness. Or, you could experience it this Thursday via a workshop / cocktail party that blends biodiversity, food technology and booze. Mixology ecology. Martinis for greenies.

A first for Melbourne, the event will be a mix of science, art, gastronomy, design and intoxication. You can make and taste (or just taste) three cocktails designed in collaboration with culinary adventurer Mihir Desai. More than just an excuse to freeze shit with liquid nitrogen, the drinks are conceptually tied to broader environmental ideas. Like discussing wetland depletion by way of Gin and violet marshmallow, or Arrack and lapsang souchong ravioli. Presented by Carbon Arts, this soiree is designed as a prelude to a fully-fledged Cross(x)Species dinner party like the events that Natalie and Mihir have run in New York .