Dr Juicy Jay's Fried Chicken and Crab Shack

· Thursday May 9, 2013

They do crab differently down in Louisiana. The crab boil isn't unique to the Cajun State, with variations in the northeast and the Carolinas, but things get fierier (and messier!) further south.

Their last name may sound like 'bayou', but Will and Mick Balleau were born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico before opening Swan Street's Chingón Cantina y Taqueria and taco truck. Their new chicken and crab shack inside the Public Bar prepares food in the Southern style with plenty of bold seasonings and accompaniments including house-made ranch, mustards, pickles, and local Collection Bar hot sauce.

Will says the key to a crab boil is good seafood and a homemade spice blend. Corn, sausage and potato is added to the crab, boiled, then finished with lemon, garlic and lots of butter. “Throw the brew out on the table, tie on a bib and eat with your hands,” he says. “The messier the better. Everything is cracked, slurped and dipped.”

Tables are covered with newspaper and the floor with sawdust. Will says bibs are on order from the US, but Will says in the meantime “folks can just tuck some newspaper into their collar.”

The small but tasty menu includes soft and hardshell crab, Katie's fried chicken, 'shrimp in a box', homemade corn dogs and waffles. Pass another paper!