· Wednesday May 26, 2010

Right now, there are probably more people milling under the fluoro lighting of Thaila Thai than perched on the bar stools or lounging on the couches next door at Eydie's. It won't stay like this for long though, because just like its namesake, ‘60s chanteuse Eydie Gorme, stardom shall soon become her.

Inside, it's charming and friendly. The bourbon soaked voice of Tom Waits crackles on vinyl in the corner and the smell of lilies permeates the air. The drinks list is modest, but only because the bar space is modest too, so they had to get choosy. There's Mountain Goat Organic on tap and the wine list offers a Shiraz so big it's guaranteed to return circulation to your frosty fingertips. Try the Pinot. I'm pretty sure Miles would rate it.

All in all, Eydie's is a welcome addition to what was becoming a tired stretch of Lygon Street. And if you're peckish, you can order take away from next door - then settle back with your drink and have a chuckle at the desperados waiting for their ticket to be called.