Massive Wieners

· Wednesday December 14, 2011

UPDATE: Massive Wieners has now moved to Chapel Street.

There's so much to tell you about these massive wieners I don't know where to start. As soon as Dave Brennan and Liam Magee opened their hot dog stand I started to worry that the puns would run out, but have a look at their Twitter. Last night Dave was posting new gems such as, “There's nothing quite like sitting in the sun with a massive wiener in ur hand…” and even, “Do you think they'd let our massive wieners through customs?” Today while I was standing at the counter a rich looking baldie drove by in a 4WD with three kids in the back and shouted, “Look at those MASSIVE WIENERS!” I believe what we are seeing here is gift to the world of comedy.

Now. On to business. Dave and Liam don't do things by halves. Their standard wiener is a foot-long hot dog. They make size concessions for snacks, though: the 6-inch 'Average Joe' and the 3-inch 'Little Pecker'. At the moment the menu includes the classic wiener, the kraut wiener, the pickle wiener, the vegan-friendly (soy) wiener and the chilli wiener - all served with ketchup and American mustard (apart from the chilli, which has beef and bean chilli sauce). They are not sagging on the beverages either: Mexican Coke, ginger beer and, for a limited time, the Sunny Boys they bought at Campbells Cash and Carry. Also, Dave has a bus driver’s license so look out for some massive wieners on the road this summer.