Midori Mitamura, 'Art & Breakfast'

· Wednesday May 4, 2011

As a general rule, people don't like making breakfast for other people. They just don't. And don't think your housemate will make you a morning cuppa. There is never enough water in the kettle and almost always, “You'll have to boil it yourself.” But from Japan to MUMA comes a rare breed of person. A nice person. An artist person. A nice, Japanese artist, armed with a full kettle has arrived. And she's making free breakfast for all of us every Tuesday in May.

Midori Mitamura has done this before in Stockholm, Tokyo and Berlin. Now in Melbourne, Mitamura will serve up breakfast to gallery visitors before beginning her daily work on ongoing art project Art & Breakfast. Her daily work involves creating and rearranging a series of small, improvised installations that draw on these morning encounters.

Because, apart from being rare and beautiful gestures, Mitamura's breakfasts help her make memories. As people unable to refrain from shedding or changing masses of memories all of the time, maybe making these post-breakfast installations really are the best way to remember stuff.