Mr Burger

· Thursday November 8, 2012

“Oh, a burger truck” you say with cool dispassion, an eyebrow arched archly like some sort of arch. “No, no, no!” I yell, a meaty paw slamming on the table; shocking you and arousing you in equal measure. The sandwich is the platonic ideal for a foodstuff and the burger is its king. Burgers hold the same tantalising promise as a fantasy novel, a sporting event or - indeed - that tab of pornography you've got open that you thought I didn't notice. Rules are established, standards calibrated yet there is always the tantalising promise of greatness. And let me tell you, Mr Burger makes some pretty great burgers.

After a trip to the US, Daragh and Myles from the Mercat were struck by how Austin, a city roughly the size of Adelaide, can have around four thousand food trucks and Melbourne (functionally speaking) can have almost none. So here we are, with a truck parked inside a warehouse opposite the deli section of the Queen Vic market. Right now they've got the Mr Burger and the Mr Meat. Both using their own custom blended beef, the former is an ode to tradition; the latter is all juiced up with bacon, caramelised onion and barbecue sauce. Vegetarian option coming in a week or two. As is a second truck, which will roam the exotic East and South like some sort of bovine Christopher Columbus. Make sure to follow them on your social media outlet of choice so you can get to them before they sell out. As they did when they turned up to the Good Hustle at Abbotsford Convent. If you are into feeling superior to other people (and who isn't) you can also laugh richly and heartily at the fools eating McDonalds next door to their North Melbourne location. Irony has never been quite so delicious.