· Wednesday December 7, 2016

Primo do classy pizza. The organic bases are crisp and slightly chewy. They can pull off the simple traditional thing but they're also not too stuffy to leave Hawaiian off the menu (granted, it is a 'fancy' Hawaiian with Christmas ham, vodka pineapple, pickled chilis and caciocavallo, but it's essentially just a Hawaiian nonetheless).


They do this great calamari that's coated in balsamic vinegar and served with mint too. The colour of the calamari even blends in nicely with charcoal finish they've given the roof and walls of the dining area. I'm not sure if they made conscious decision to match the walls and roof with the calamari but it's a nice detail. Owner Iza (who used to run Shawcross and gives off the easy charm of a best-and-fairest footy captain) tells me the dark paint they used actually helps soundproof the room and deaden the noise. So while you chew on their sharp-tasting minty calamari you'll actually be able to hear the words the person opposite you is saying. And if your date is being boring, you can just drift into the pleasantness of the charcoal colour scheme.

The price of this pizza experience hovers at just over the twenty dollar per pie. But they got a happy hour from 4pm to 5.30pm five days a week with $16 pizzas, $5 tap beers and $9 spritzs. The rotating list of soft serve flavours is worth checking out too. Oh, and they have a licence to deliver booze with your pizza, so you could always just paint your roof black and pig out at home.