· Thursday December 13, 2012

Look, we don’t really do this, but every now and then there’s something so stylish that we have to shout about it before we’re even sure it’s attainable. I was looking over my kiwi housemate’s shoulder the other night and caught a glimpse of this elver.co.nz. Apparently my housemate’s friend Blake Dunlop had taken some photos for a Wellington-based shoe and accessories company called Elver that was about to launch.

That’s all my housemate knew. I’ve been studying the photo series closely ever since for clues. In fact, I’ve looked at it so many times that I have half a mind to develop a passion for photography just so I can buy one of those camera cases. Screw it I’m going to buy one anyway and carry a pet ferret around in for a little while just so it can be super cosy. I’ve contacted Blake and am awaiting further updates. We will be sure to pass on any pertinent information to our valued readers.

UPDATE: Elver's online store is now live!