MT CASA by Kamoi

· Thursday November 8, 2012

MT Tape. We've been sticking it all over notebooks and presents for years. It's the reason for so many trips to Tokyo and it relegates Sellotape to the list of things you'd be ashamed to be seen eating a burrito with. But say you're trying to decorate a bike or a staircase or a kitchen. You can get to thinking, “If only these small rolls of MT Tape came in a range of larger widths that were ten metres long, then I could stick it all over these big objects and blank spaces and personalise them with colourful and versatile ease.”

Enter MT CASA, the new wallpaper-esque tape range from Kamoi (makers of fly-catching paper / MT adhesive tapes since 1923). Available in widths of 50, 100 and 200mm, it's the perfect mix of sizes for making this happen in your kitchen. The CASA range still has all the “sweetness and functionality” of the traditional MT tape - it's just now big enough to wrap around things such as these cars.

Now that it's stocked by NoteMaker, you can get about sticking it all over your monochromatic life as soon as the postie drops it off. For particularly bland situations, try Argyle, 100s and 1000s or Pink Stripe. And renters, take note: just like the small tape, this big tape peels easily and won't rip bits of paint from the walls of your bedroom/kitchen/bathroom/ oh just think of the possibilities.