Pain in the Grass mowers

· Tuesday December 11, 2012

When you move from an apartment to a house, it might seem like you have more space, but actually you just need a lot more stuff. A barbecue, banana lounges, a fancy camera. Top of the list is a lawnmower. And a lawnmower isn't something you should just buy the cheapest one of from Bunnings. You need something that will work, and not one of those cool push ones either - they suck. What to do, whom to call? After about ten seconds of searching, I found the answer wrapped in a slightly befuddling pun.

Pain in the Grass mowers sell secondhand refurbished lawnmowers. I messaged them a figure, and they emailed me back a picture of what looked to be a perfectly serviceable unit, a red one at that. I said yep, I'm in, but how do I pick it up. He said you can come and pick it up from me in Broadmeadows, or I can deliver it to you for an extra $5. I went for that option.

The mower sounds fantastic and it smells great too. I love it here. I fell over and hit my head yesterday so this might not be making a lot of sense. Pain in the Grass.