A mixtape by Hip Hop Hoochies

· Thursday November 8, 2012

Inch-thick clouds of smoke, hip hop bangers, twerkable bass, and (if you play your cards right) a bit of slow jam lovin to wind the night up and down. The Hip Hop Hoochies are all about creating an environment where these activities can seamlessly coalesce. We asked Macquarie and Jess to make us a mixtape in preparation for Hip Hip Hoochies High #5 this Saturday. It’s called the 'Slow-jammy-slow-sexin-hoochie-mama-do-it-right-all-night-jams compilation'. They chose this particular theme because, in their words, “Being a hoochie isn't only about working the dancefloor, but it’s also about showing your cutie the best time possible in the bedroom. We are sensual beings by nature and this little compilation is hand selected to get yr babe's boner raging and their hands roaming.”

Jeremih - 'Fuck U All The Time' (Shlomo remix)
The combination of Jeremih and Shlomo is gonna make ur man as wet as a dolphin. Jeremih is like the new Drake and every single member of Hoochies is mad crushed out on Shlomo. The sentiment in this one is obvious but sometimes that's what we need in life ain't it?

Trey Songz - 'Grub On'
In this slow jam, Trey asks, “Is there a doggy bag I can take home?”. Trey, I'll put my double Ds in that bag 4 u sweetie if it means you'll eat me for a midnight snack.

Drake - 'Shut It Down'
Even the lamest dude could put this on before he ripped out a glow in the dark Magnum and you wouldn't regret going home with him. I remember hearing this booming from someone's car at Chadstone one day and thinkin' my future hubby must be lappin' shopping centres. Take a leaf out of Drizzy's book and tell your girl she's shut it down like computers.

The Weeknd - 'What You Need'
I think we've all had our share of scrubs. This track just reminded me to delete that wiener's number who only wanted to go missionary and redial that spunk who licked my armpits. Freaky as f yo.

Ciara - 'Oh' (featuring Ludacris)
When I was in like grade six I remember there was this rumour that was all “Ciara is a dude” ala Lady Gaga. Once I saw the video for Ride, I knew she was ALL woman. Do this one doggystyle.

Next - 'Too close'
This one is a fav as it doubles as a dancefloor cautionary tale. Grind too good and too close to your boy and babe's gonna get a springer. With the added modern twist of baggy pants no longer being a fella's preference this can be an embarrassment-inducing number but such aw(e)inner.

Danny Brown - 'I Will'
Rumour has it, one of the member's of hoochies got pretty close to Danny Brown's gap teeth when he was out here. This ode to the meal that is the coochie is a fave amongst us hoochies.

David Banner - 'Play'
So like, yeah homeboy in yr Supreme hat and yr Air Maxes, I'm into you like kissing my neck n shit but sometimes you just wanna get that puss finger banged like you've had a bottle of Passion Pop and your wearing your new Paul Frank tee.

Busy Signal - 'Night Shift'
And finally we take it down a notch. This is post jazz-cigarette liein' on the bed wit yr boo and just wanting him to smooch ya. Smooch a cutie!!