Mixtape by the Noisey Mountain DJs

· Wednesday November 14, 2012

The good men and women who play previously recorded music at events where music is manufactured live often get short shrift. And - fun fact - nobody even knows what shrift is anymore. Or why it would be short. Or why you would want it in the first place. Straight Arrows, Bitch Prefect, Raw Prawn and Ausmuteants are playing a gig at Where?House presented by Sugar Mountain and Vice as part of Melbourne Music Week. We did not ask the bands to make us a mixtape. We asked the DJs: Pete and Tig from Two Bright Lakes, Dodecahedron and Gamegirl. Supporting the underdogs. The mix has a workout theme. This is because if you put it on and do enough squats, you too can be under an underdog at the party. If you know what I mean. You don't? Read their liner notes and you just might.

Pete and Tig
Here are our three beefcake/workout tracks - we went with a 1980s sweaty nightclub vibe.

Grace Jones - 'Demolition Man'
The baddest bitch in the room - Pete

Cybotron - 'Cosmic Cars'
Muscular, proto-techno straight out of Motor City - Tig

Nitzer Ebb - 'Join the Chant'
Sweaty wet // Bears in a basement - Pete

I just chose the three songs I listen to when I go to the gym once a year.

J Dilla - 'Jungle Love' (featuring Guilty Simpson and MED)
I heard this song at work the other day, tore my shirt off, screamed and jumped out a closed window.

G-Unit - 'Straight Outta Southside'
This song makes makes the hairs on my neck stand up and jump on tiny little treadmills.

A$AP Ferg - 'Work'
The moral is, if you put in work, people will go berserk.

Sister Nancy - 'Bam Bam'
Sister Nancy is the toughest bitch to ever quit DJ'ing, move to New Jersey and become an accountant.

Azealia Banks - '1991'
This song makes me black out and dance on the spot like a boxer.

Le1f - 'Wut'
Muscles are best served gay and greasy.