fm, 'Buttons'

· Wednesday November 7, 2012

Fuck, I meant to finish this review in time for Halloween. fm is a Sydney-based DJ and producer making electronic music. And while the words 'Sydney', 'DJ', and 'electronic music' usually conjure up images of smeared bronzer on white swimsuits at a beachside house psy trance party, his tunes are decidedly understated. You don't need to know one of his tracks is called, 'Which House' to get an idea of his influences.

The Buttons EP floats in, a ghostly decaying voice looped atop shimmering synths and fuzzed-out beats. Drawing vocal samples from hip-hop and R&B, fm screws, chops, loops and echoes them atop catchy minimalist hooks and melodies. It falls somewhere on a spectrum of contemporaries like Balam Acab, Hype Williams, or fellow Sydneysiders Albatross.

At five songs, this free download is easy to get stuck on repeat. The man who is fm - Francis Michael Pascua - also hosts regular club nights featuring like-minded moody beatmakers called Dysney (which embarrassingly, I only recently realised is an anagram of Sydney), and they're playing in Melbourne this Saturday. Buttons is proof you needn't be scared of electronic music just because it's postmarked from Sydney, though you might be scared of this EP cuz its eerie creepiness is scarily well done.