Next Wave, The Stream / The Boat / The Shore / The Bridge

· Sunday May 20, 2012

We can't say too much about Dan Koop's The Stream / The Boat / The Shore / The Bridge without spilling its fun-juice everywhere; this participatory art performance relies on improvisation and surprise so TMI might smother your buzz. Besides, each experience of SBSB is different due to the choices you make, and we can’t predict what you’ll do. Let's just tiptoe around the fine details, yes?

You'll show up at Southbank along with three others. Each of you will be sent off to one of four performance sites along the Yarra River to do fun things before moving along to the next point to do more fun things: all sorts of fun things to do with looking, listening, touching, talking, thinking and playing. You’ll be moulding with clay, drawing with chalk and listening to Joy Division. At one point, you’ll just close your eyes and trust the SBSB team. Then you’ll get to weird out strangers. There’s a dinghy ride too!

But that’s not the point; the fine details don’t matter. It’s all about you. The four performance sites are just prompts nudging you towards thinking and doing, almost as though SBSB is guiding you through your own performance art. The sexiness of it rests on what you bring on board. Depending on your quality as a person, you can walk away with anything from observation (“I’m on a dinghy!”) to self-discovery (“I need to open myself up to new experiences.”). More than that, Dan and his troupe will drag you out of yourself to think about the big picture, about cities and choices and consequences. Or not. It’s all up to you, champ.


The Next Wave Festival runs from May 19 to 27. Tune in for daily Next Wave posts on our site – even the weekend!