· Thursday June 20, 2013

CONFETTISYSTEM are the reigning darlings of paper, glitter and shiny things everywhere. Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho are a creative team from Brooklyn, NYC who transform paper and paper-like materials into objects to be adored. They have a cult following of people hanging shiny garlands in ecstasy and confetti-sizing their lives into something more colourful and beautiful. They have a client list that includes Opening Ceremony, Lanvin, Beach House and, heck, even Beyonce. So when they visited Melbourne this week we teamed up with Third Drawer Down and CCP and asked them to show us how to make our lives better and shinier.


Step 1: Get yourself a template - you can look at this one in the photo and draw and cut one out yourself. Get yourself some coloured tissue and shiny paper that's cut into long strips, a glue stick, some regular scissors and some fringing scissors. (Fringing scissors available from Third Drawer Down.)


Step 2: Start to turn your paper strips into fringy strips by cutting them with your fringing scissors. Once you have fringy pieces, cut them to a length that will just overhang on both sides of your template.


Step 3: Start to glue them on your template one at a time just above one another.


Step 4: Once you have covered your template completely you can trim the excess overhanging strips and begin to bend your template into a pyramid shape.


Step 5: Once you have a pyramid poke a bread tag or piece of wire or something you want to hang it by through the holes in the four points of the template and draw them in together and you should have your very own CONFETTISYSTEM pyramid.


NB: This technique could be applied to all sorts of shapes so go forth with confetti in your heart and fringe!


CONFETTISYSTEM visited Australia on behalf of Creative Production Services, who commissioned them specifically for the opening night party of King Kong the Musical.