Make your own GD alcoholic icey poles

· Thursday November 17, 2016

I read recently that “boozy champagne-flavoured popsicles just landed in Australia” and I can't help but feel like they're reinventing the wheel while making the wheel really expensive with fancy packaging. Dang it, I always fall for fancy packaging! Frosé is one thing (I will defend) because unfortunately, not many of us have slushie machines sitting around at home, but popsicles are another matter entirely. You have a freezer, I have a freezer, let's put tasty things in our freezers together and save a buttload of money.

You will need:

 Gin

 Tonic Water

 Lemon or lime (or both)

 Popsicle tray

 Cucumber (optional)


Here is an attractive image of all the things you need. I bought this popsicle tray from Daiso, which is that store where everything is $2.80, and so this tray only cost me $2.80 but, it was the last one available and I would have liked two. These popsicle trays are also available at places like Kmart and Target, but those stores are a bit more expensive than “everything-is-$2.80” and they have far less sushi-shaped erasers.


I chose to use Bombay Sapphire because every time I try to buy a different kind of gin the bowerbird within me arcs it’s tiny beak up and out and says “ooooh, blue!”


You can pair your citrus (or cucumber) to the gin you use. Apparently Hendricks is best with cucumber? I like both lemon and lime and have a high ‘tang’ threshold. I also did not have any cucumbers this afternoon.


Hot tip: the moulds don’t hold much actual liquid. Prioritise alcohol content by pouring a standard shot of gin into each mould, then just top it up with your juice and tonic water mix. Second hot tip: don’t ever ever ever buy “diet” tonic water. I don’t know how this happened to me.


I also chopped up some nice wedges of lemon and lime and plopped them in because Pinterest told me to. Let’s see how it goes.


Make sure they sit evenly in the freezer and that if you have housemates, the housemates know that they can’t be knocked or turned sideways or anything dumb like that. Best to leave them overnight. I don’t know how many actual hours they took to freeze.


Happy licking and remember to lick responsibly!


Best served with: kiddy pool on blue tarp in backyard.