Zine review, 'Tomorrow's Machines Today' issue #2

· Tuesday June 14, 2011

Emma D from Take Care Distro loves the stories of prolific letter writer and cosmic horror figurehead HP Lovecraft. She also enjoys The Fall, and in particular the weird lyrical dexterity of their curmudgeonly dictactor / virtuoso perma-drunk Mark E Smith. I wonder if she has seen the Youtube clip of MES reading an excerpt from The Colour Out Of Space and, if not, how she would feel about it?

Pleased but not surprised, presumably, as Tomorrow's Machines Today #2 is a zine all about the Lovecraftian influence on Smith's early narrative-led tunes. Of the thousands of articles written about both parties, I have read few that delve quite so deeply; the whole zine only discusses a mere twelve words from one Fall song, but never seems to be scrabbling around for new things to say about them. Even if you're fairly well-versed on the two wordsmiths, Tomorrow's Machines Today #2 is great window into the fanaticism they can both still provoke.