Broken Glass Records

· Monday January 30, 2012

Up until now you've probably had to rely on Off Ya Tree or going to a show in order to score your heavy rock band merch. Not anymore. Just a pot glass throw from the Tote on Johnston Street, Broken Glass Records specialises in local band shirts, merch and albums.

Stock tends to fall on the heavier side of the rock and roll spectrum. Think Nation Blue over Angus and Julia Stone but it's probably one of only a few stores in Australia where you can pick up a Deep Heat shirt and an album from Tassie heroes Mouth. They also stock stuff from Eleventh He Reaches London, Heirs, Whitehorse, Dad They Broke Me and Occult Blood. It's probably best if black is your favourite colour in the rock and roll rainbow.

Erin is now accepting all band merchandise on consignment - from CD, vinyl and cassettes to shirts, badges, patches and zines - and is encouraging anyone to drop in posters for upcoming shows. So get your demo tape into Broken Glass. Better there than sitting in a box under your bass player's bed! With upcoming in-stores (including this Saturday's launch event), Broken Glass is a welcome supporter of the Melbourne rock and punk scene.