Dillon Optical

· Wednesday October 25, 2006

Coming into summer, a good pair of sunglasses are a precious commodity. At the pool they can be the difference between being mistaken for a pornstar or a librarian. If you are anything like us you will probably go through about three pairs over the next few months, neglecting them more than a child at Crown Casino.

At Dillon Optical in the city you can get amazing frames including Wayfarer copies (stronger than the originals) for between $50-$80 dollars. This shop is a goldmine for people wanting something a little bit different, or at the very least, the ability to pick and choose between frames and lenses. Dillon’s may not look like much but the owner Barry made his first lens when he was seven years old so he knows a whole lot more than the part-time kid at Sunglasses Hut.