Hello Sailor Vintage Fair

· Thursday September 25, 2008

There are two things sailors really like: looking jaunty and drinking. Oh no wait - there are three things sailors really like. And at least two of them can be indulged in this Sunday at the Carlton. The bar is being transformed into a market, with 15 stalls in the dining room, the front balcony and the back courtyard selling vintage designer duds new and old, glamorous jewellery, jaunty jewellery, shoes and sundry trinkets. And if you're a salty dog who doesn't much care for fancy clothes, there'll also be salty vintage bikes and vinyl.

Carlton Hotel DJs will purvey whatever passes for shanties these days, and of course there will be cheap and plentiful beverages of the sangria and cocktails variety, plus BBQ sustenance. Get there early to transact the best stuff before it shows up on vintage shop racks for triple the price. (Yeh, you heard it, and we're not gonna take it anymore). This is the first in a series of monthly vintage fairs at the Carlton - if you want a stall at the next one, say ahoy to Rochelle.