Lords of the North Barber Shop

· Tuesday November 27, 2012

There's something disconcerting about getting a straight razor neck shave while a huge image of Michael Madsen's Mr Blonde character from Reservoir Dogs looms above. You know, the guy from this scene!

Mr Blonde may cover the whole back wall of Lords of the North Barber Shop but Cat Moodie doesn't dance to 'Stuck in the Middle With You' before a cut. And there is absolutely no ear removal.

Moodie has been cutting hair for ten years, first at “poncey and sterile salons” and later in various barbers (learning her switchblade skills from a 70-year-old Ukrainian). She's just opened her own shop - with partner Luke (who helped with the fit out) and Milton the mohawked cockatiel - on the burgeoning north end of Thornbury's High Street.

Two beautiful 1950s barber chairs freighted in from NYC take centre stage. Subtle touches include the vintage liquor cabinets modified to accommodate hand basins and comb sterilisers, and the not so subtle touch of the silver pistol hair dryer that was once used in an Elvis film.

A slick back, fade or quiff is $25, a shave is $15 and both come with a hot towel, a neck shave and Milton looking on from his perch.