Perimeter Books

· Tuesday April 19, 2011

Realising the dream of the ages, Dan Rule and Justine Ellis have just opened their own art and design bookshop in Thornbury. Building their own cabinets and display tables, potting their own cactuses and buttering Marc Martin up for the perfect window sign, they've transformed the shop-front space you might remember from Modern Journal's pop-up sales over the years. Okay what are we talking? Of course they have the latest releases from their own imprint ERM Books. But they've also got some super hard-to-find Nieves stuff (check out Nicola Pecoraro's Bad Couples), the latest from Rainoff and Cosmic Wonder, the new mono.kultur and the first risograph-printed zine by North Carlton start-up Smalltime Books.

While wandering around Frankfurt Book Fair last year, Dan met a lady called Nina who runs Post Editions, and her loose-leaf photo magazine Club Donny will blow your brain apart. Featured on the walls at the moment are three large-scale photographs by Michelle Tran - including a fetching portait of Dan and Justine's cat Vince - and they have a bunch of exhibitions planned for this year. Despite my desire to keep Perimeter Books and my boyfriend's credit card at least 2km apart at all times, I'll probably see you there.