Pop Craft pop-up shop

· Wednesday May 25, 2011

Oh oh oh! So much wool! A ball of wool is like a symbol of hope. Hope for a garment as yet un-ruined by my total inability to weave using needles. And there are crates of it lying in wait at Pauline Tran-Cecil's pop-up knitting shop - open since Monday next door to Harvest Workroom. There is high-quality Australian and Japanese yarn to be bought - including denim (who knew you could knit denim?) - as well as hand-made clothes and accessories by local textile designers, a knitting couch and cups of tea for all.

Right near a collection of framed textile works by artist Tim Gresham, you'll find a shelf of “curiosities” from Pauline's fabric-hunting missions to Vietnam - including zip-up cases made from scarves and various lengths of rather strange ribbon. Pauline has also teamed up with some wise owls of the knitting community: David Pearce, who is hosting crochet and hand-knitting workshops, and Leeana Edwards Chaouki, who is hosting machine-knitting workshops and has the straightest hair braid in the world. Leeana is a very neat person. But you can be neat too! All you need is a ball of wool and hope in your heart. And glasses.