Silent Army Storeroom

· Wednesday July 25, 2012

Silent Army is an expanding collective of comic art talent that has been slowly amassing personnel for over a decade now. Michael P Fikaris is head of operations and has just set up a shop for the group, amongst the 17 other artists inhabiting Blender Studios. His own work is up on the wall for sale - like his beard-growing guy and those gasmask figures - but really the space is geared towards being a studio-based cartoonists' haven where you can buy affordable prints and comics with low print-runs. (Or to just chat with Mr Fikaris himself. He’s a nice dude, I’m sure he’d like that.)

Indeed, some of these reads are so rare that you may have lost hope of getting a copy years ago - like the sixth issue of Pure Evil beckoning me from the rotating rack. Some are so of-the-moment that they’re made during the Trails drawing nights or, as is the case with the chalk comic strip graffed outside, last only a week.

Most of the work here is about catching the artist’s progress at that particular moment, as it is in the Dailies newspaper series that’s printed overnight in regular rag fashion. To prove how big the Silent Army squadron has become, issue #2 features work by fifty(!) Australasian artists (the list of eye-wateringly great scribblers is here), and it’s being launched this Thursday at City Library. A hungover handshake of appreciation with Michael in the Storeroom the next day probably wouldn't go amiss.