Dr Follicles Barber Shop

· Thursday January 10, 2008

This is what you want in a haircut.

A barber with a good haircut who plays good music.

The music is played on vinyl and played loud enough to make it seem as though you’re at a friend’s house and they’re playing you a new record for the first time.

The barber doesn’t talk much, unless you want to talk about the music of course.

The camaraderie of sitting in a row behind the chairs with the other patrons waiting for your turn (this goes hand in hand with the bar-like etiquette of pointing out who was before you in the queue); there are no appointments.

A free Coopers while you wait. Or even while you’re in the chair.

$27.50 Style cut. That’s right - style cut. No head massages. No hair washing. No product. No green tea and biscotti (see Coopers above).

There’s even rumour of a secret record shop at the Richmond store.

Yes, this is what you want in a haircut.