STREET Articles


The Young Ones launch

Hip new arty/design-y magazine, The Young Ones launched at Happy Valley last week. Jesse went to take photos of all you spring chickens.

'What Follows Came Before' opening

A bunch of you braved the cold to head to Seventh's What Follows Came Before last Wednesday night. Neumann braved it to take some photos.

4 x 10 at Slopes

Four artists performed ten minute pieces to everyone who made it to Slopes last Saturday. It was all vikings, bodies, ragtime and defacing an I <3 Austral...

Bakehouse Studios party

Sure the weather was horrible but that didn't stop Bakehouse's open day and street party from going ahead and people enjoying it. Jesse went along to...

Lower Plenty album launch

Lower Plenty shredded like angels (if shredding means playing a danceable ditty and angels mean business). They launched their new record, Life/Thrills with ...

Schoolhouse Studios reopening

For those who endured the lineup at the opening of Schoolhouse Studios' new Rupert St location (c'mon, there was ping pong), the entertainment provid...

Sundays in July

Sunday afternoon seems like the best time to indulge in Dick Diver, the Steve Miller Band, Hierophants, vegan cupcakes and Uncle Dougie's BBQ. Heather in...

White Hex, 'Gold Nights' launch

So dark, so brooding, but not by the looks on your faces. White Hex launched their album Gold Nights with the help of Nun, Peak Twins, Jonny Telafone and DJs...

CCP + Perimeter x MACK

Last week's publisher showcases, put together by CCP and Perimeter, featured UK publisher MACK. Heather went along to take your photos.

Magic Happens

Magic happened at last week's 'Magic Happens' opening. Jesse went to Tinning Street to check it out.


Turns out Sticky actually are better at photocopier jokes than us (we do run on internet over here - what is photocopy?). Tonerpalooza was a hit last weekend...

Dark MOFO part two

Hobart got its large-scale public art / all things good programming on over the weekend. Missed it? Suss this gallery, the one before, and our tops and botto...

Dark MOFO part one

Hobart got its large-scale public art / all things good programming on over the weekend. Missed it? Suss this gallery, the next one, and our tops and bottoms.

West Space Fundraiser

Art was admired. Funds were raised and a guitar was vigorously strummed at the West Space's annual fundraiser. Matt Neumann documented the happenings.

Girls Club at Hugs & Kisses

Kiloran snapped the amazing babes at Girls Club on Saturday. Pageant kindly donated some polaroids too. All class.

EWF closing party

The writers emerged and everybody made merry at the EWF closing party. Jesse has the snaps.

BBQ Party of Friendship

Matt Neumann documented friendship at the second annual BBQ Party of Friendship. Here are the snaps.

Filmme Fatales #4 Launch Party

Filmme Fatales #4 looks dangerously good and so did you guys at the launch. Heather snapped your pics.

Black Rope party

Neuw launched their new brand of black rope denim last weekend with the help of Citizen Sex, Teeth & Tongue and the DJing skills of one very handsome Ste...

Kill Your Darlings launch

Kill Your Darlings launched their 17th issue in typical lit nerd style - copious amounts of brews and squabbling over who originally wrote The Double (trick ...

'Christina's World' opening

The mundane and the magical was seen at Fort Delta's opening last week, with an unsurprising lack of Magic Happens stickers. Heather went along to snap y...

Thee Nodes at the Tote

Disconcerting, maybe. Fun, yep. Thee Nodes played with the stalwarts known as UV Race, Gentlemen, Cuntz, and Ausmuteants. Jesse went along to take snaps.

'Ladies of Leisure' launch

And leisurous ladies they are. Magic Johnston spilled out into the streets last Friday night at the launch of new publication, Ladies of Leisure. Heather, as...

Hiatus Kaiyote residency

The second week of Hiatus Kaiyote's residency at Howler looked like a darn good time. Jesse went along to take photos. They're playing with Ainslie W...

'Lifestyle Concept' opening

Very good. You all dressed exceptionally well for the opening of an exhibition that 'talks' smack on advertising. Heather went to check out the art a...

Smartbar at Melbourne Museum

Taxidermy was the focus at last week's Smartbar, held at the Melbourne Museum to let all us folk learn about why rogue taxidermy is wrong (but sometimes ...

Altertruism at Next Wave

The aim of this night, like most parties, was to drink. But if you drank you risked the life of a goldfish. Luckily the goldfish didn't die, because you ...

'Noise In My Head' launch

What a sell out! The launch of Noise In My Head: Voices from the Ugly Australian Underground of course, not the author, Jimi Kritzler. Forces, UV Race, HTRK ...