MIFF - Sex and mayhem

· Monday July 13, 2009

MIFF is serving a heady mix of highbrow art pretence and exquisitely horrid trash, and for fans of the latter this means two things: blood and nudity. It's like staying up to watch SBS as a teenager with your hand down the front of your pants.

There are the anticipated festival favourites from the Northern Hemisphere, with Nazi snow zombies savaging snowmobiling rich kids in Dead Snow, and Black Dynamite doing what Tarantino and Rodriguez couldn't; chavs going bad in Eden Lake; the mumblecore hipster sex comedy Humpday; the latest Francophile nightmare, Martyrs; and, on the heels of last year's closing night fright fest is the found footage Home Movie.

As well as these modern treats MIFF '09 provides an education in the '60's Japanese pinku eiga and ero guro genres. There is the surrealism of Funeral Parade of Roses and the transgression of Gushing Prayer; the political history of Eros Plus Massacre and literary roots of Horrors of Malformed Men.