Everyone's always banging on about how they wish they could be a kid again, 'coz life was so much less of a hassle back then, but who is actually going the whole hog and pretending to be a kid again to get to the root of our post-socialised, adult angst? Renegade Productions, that's who. The local gang behind Laryngectomy (The Blue Room Theatre Judges' Choice Award 2011) give us Friends?, their inclusion into the 2013 Fringe World program.

Co-creators and performers Mikala Westall and Paul Grabovac embrace their respective inner children to mount a theatrical game of ‘show and tell’, looking at the concept of friendship formation, exploring the strangeness and ease with which friendships are made before the pretension and prejudices that accompany adult life kick into gear. Renegade are getting a good rep for their thought-provoking content and visuals that pack a punch - Friends? promises all that, plus funnies. And if you're the reflective type, maybe some of that, too.